We entered into the Dragonborn Archives for the first time, bringing along former library guard Markos and our ship's communications officer/resident wizard Phil. The captain, with a little help, forged credentials for us all to get past the recently reactivated automaton receptionist. Past the main security door we found the bodies of those that had been left behind the day the archives were raided by cultists. Their vengeful spirits awoke at Markos' presence and attacked, blaming him for their deaths. Campi turned about half the group, forcing them to flee. Those remaining attacked Markos and forced us to do the same. We dispatched them, Campi treated some wounds, and we continued on toward the vault. We then entered an elevator platform to take us up to the next floor. The shaft was occupied by some sort of sentient cloud of poison gas, luckily we dissipated it before it was able to poison us all. The second floor split into 2 paths: one to the student quarters, and the other to the library and vault. We chose the library path, rather than exploring further, and entered.

Inside, a dragon made of animated papers and tomes waited with a swarm of similar lesser dragons around it. The dragons attacked with fury and we soon found them completely immune to our attacks. Glyphs all over the 5 story library burst with light as we hit the dragons. Letesh, Eeksqua, Glykri, and Markos spread out through the library's levels to disable the glyphs while Campi and Rhorinn faced down the dragons, Phil stayed out of danger as ordered. Each glyph we disabled allowed the dragon to be damaged by a specific damage type. We prioritized bludgeoning (brass), piercing (silver), and radiant (crystal) as Rhorinn and Campi fought on the lower floor. As we came close to disabling all the glyphs, the dragon took to the air to stop the group on the upper floors. Rhorinn gave chase via the library teleporter while Campi took to the air and chased it through the central shaft. On the top floor, Eeksqua tripped the dragon from its precarious perch over the central shaft, causing it to crash 5 stories down to the ground. From the air, Campi hurled the spear of Selune, pinning the creature to the ground. To finish it, Rhorinn summoned Raisira in mid air over the beast, swapped their places, and crushed it with his warhammer.

The vault door at the far end of the library glowed with a powerful magic ward. Rhorinn placed his hands on the door, and the ward lessened. He summoned Raisira, and with her help, the ward faded and the door opened. Inside, the book of Rhorinn sat alone on a pedestal. We took the book back to the main library to study. In the mean time, Phil had set up a research area and was in the process of collecting reference material for us.

We need to find something in the book that will allow us to defeat the mysteriously immortal brass dragonborn and free Raisira from her prison before she dies. We have 2 weeks before Raisira can't be rescued but we have no idea if we have alerted our enemies that the book is in our possession.

Letesh - Level 9
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Spelljammer - July 8, 2024